2019 NRL Tipping Comp

Terms & Conditions


The competition is open to ALL Members, Guests, FMR Staff, Sponsors, SFC Staff & Contractors, LGC staff. LGC Secretary Manager is NOT permitted to join.

***NOTE—Footy Tipping Comp is from Round 2 to Round 26 inclusive. State of Origin & Finals are excluded.

Entry Fee

$20 Payable to Bar Staff only in CASH no later than 15mins prior to KICK OFF of Round 2 (Thursday 21st March, 2019). A receipt will be issued to player. A “tipper” can join anytime throughout the comp at a fee of $20 regardless of how many rounds have already elapsed.


As the competition is late in releasing all Comp details, 4 Points will be awarded to all players for Round 1.

Submitting Tips

The Round will close 15mins prior to kick-off of the first game in the round. Tips for the round will only be accepted in paper format given to bar staff. Submissions will not be accepted by phone or via sms/email. If a tipper misses round submission, away games will be awarded to that player for the round. ** Bar Staff will have their tips authorised by another Bar Staff Member or Secretary Manager**

Storing of Tips

Tips for each round will be put into a signed and sealed envelope, labelled with the week number.

Round Results

Weekly Round Results will be posted on the Members Noticeboard near the Club Office. Results will be updated by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the new Round.

Scoring Points

  • You receive 2 points for every correct tip
  • You receive 3 points for a tipped draw
  • You receive 0 points for an incorrect tip
  • You receive 1 point for a draw unless it was tipped
  • If you fail to submit your tips, you will receive the away teams
  • If you join after the competition has started, you will be allocated the away teams for every round missed
  • You will receive 4 “bonus” points if you successfully tip every match in a round
  • You cannot edit your tips after a round has closed off.


Leura Golf Club Limited is starting the competition prize pool at $520. Tippers entry fees will be added to this pool

1st Prize will be 60% of the total prize pool, 2nd Prize will be 30% of the total prize pool, 3rd Prize will be 10% of the total prize pool.

**In the event that 2 or more tippers are tied after 26 rounds, prize money will be pooled then split amongst competition winners, eg 2 people tie for 1st, then 1st & 2nd prizes will be combined and split 50/50. Next place winner receives 3rd prize money, eg if 3 people tie for 1st, all prize money is pooled and split equally. Judges decision will be final

Dispersion of Prize Money

All competition winners will be notified by phone once the results have been tabulated. Prize money will be dispersed within 14 days of the competition ending. Prize money will be in the form of cash.

Sarah Sloss, Secretary Manager on behalf of Board