Club House Operations Update


As and from Sunday the 23rd March, 2020, the Bistro at LGC will be closed given the substantial down turn in trade at the Fairmont Resort due to the Coronavirus predicament the country finds itself in. All would be aware of the club’s various updates already forwarded to members and of course  advice relayed on an almost consistent basis by Governments, Federal and State at this most serious of times.

As for the Club House, the bar and its facilities will remain open at this juncture but will be reviewed on a seven day basis. Be that as it may, it appears more than likely  Government edicts could intervene in this decision making process and close all clubs and similar trading venues.  We shall keep you informed.


We are very much aware that those said to be most at risk to Coronavirus would include many of our members. Golf therefore is a decision for the individual to make and we have no doubt you will act accordingly. What can be done at this stage has been undertaken eg, single occupant cart usage (recommendation), social distancing, leaving flagstick in hole, no rakes in bunkers, no handshaking etc.  Nonetheless it is an outdoor activity with exercise not frowned upon at this stage. Should this thinking prevail, your club is considering 9 and 18 hole competitions on a regular basis which may be implemented most week days, as well as the current schedule.

We trust you all remain healthy and safe.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, my good wishes to you all.

Jock Scullion-Stewart