The Principles of Golf

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At times it is important for all members of all golf clubs everywhere, and for LGC Members in particular, to recognise that we are all part of something special.

We are a part of the world of golf, and the world of golf has principles, rules, codes and traditions.

All these things matter and our honouring them also matters.

At the very top of the Golf Rule Book is the principle expressed on Page One of the Rules of Golf according to Golf Australia:

  1. Play the course as you find it
  2. Play the ball as it lies
  3. And if you can’t do either, do what’s fair.

Preferred Lie in the General Area

At Leura Golf Club we attempt to keep to the spirit of these principles. Our Club Captain, Match and Greens Committee and the Board of Directors are bound to head the club constantly in the direction of these principles.

For some time because of the course conditions, we have been playing “preferred lie in the general area”. This began when drought conditions prevailed. The drought was quickly followed by floods. Then Covid hit and it seemed the wrong time to move closer to the principle of “playing the ball as it lies”.

Fact is, none of those conditions are currently a factor. The course is currently very well presented. It may not be at the level of clarity and distinction that some courses with fairway watering etc might have, but in the history of the Leura Club, the conditions have been favourable to us for many months. The fairways in most cases are now quite distinct, as is the rough, plus of course the tees and greens. The weather lately has given us the opportunity to present the course really well and the four blokes who make it all happen have done, and continue to, do an absolutely fabulous job.

Preferred Lies on Fairway Only

Given all these factors the Acting Captain, John Hogan plus the Match and Greens Committee took the somewhat courageous and reasonable step towards once again playing the ball as it lies. This means moving from “preferred lies in the general area” to “preferred lies on fairway only”.

Not everyone likes the move. It is tough playing out of the rough. It was much easier when we could more the ball 30 cms when it came to rest under a tree or on a dirty lie. But… this is golf.

We invite everyone to recognise that when the weather is good and the course is playing pretty well, then we are honour bound to head towards the founding principles of the game – playing the course as we find it and the ball as it lies.

If the prevailing conditions change, then the Captain and the Committee may once again from time to time change the application of the Preferred Lie rule, that is their job.

Keep an eye on the signs at tee off, or check with the Starter if you are not sure.

If you would like to communicate with me about this or any other topic, please feel free to do so. Contact

Wayne Clayton
General Manager