2011 Leura Open


SCRATCH WINNER: Maclayne Marr (Bay View) (0) 70

RUNNER UP: Max Nightingale (Lithgow) (6) 72

THIRD PLACE: Dale Hughes (Penrith) (0) 74 c/b

NETT WINNER: Maurie Rasmussen (Leura) (33) 60

RUNNER UP: Malcolm Johnstone (Springwood) (27) 61

THIRD PLACE: Jeff Hogg (Leura) (31) 62

SENIOR SCR WINNER: Jock Scullion-Stewart (Leura) (9) 75

SENIOR NETT WINNER: Graham Lohrey (Leura) (15) 67 c/b

CLOSED NETT WINNER: Maurie Rasmussen (Leura) (33) 60

JUNIOR WINNER: Dylan Hovey (Springwood) (20) 67 nett

LADIES WINNER: Magda Cawthorne (Wentworth Falls) 44 points

LADIES RUNNER UP: Elaine Scullion-Stewart (Leura) 38 points c/b

LADIES CLOSED EVENT: Elaine Scullion-Stewart (Leura) 38 points c/b


DIVISION 1 Philippa Parker (Leura)

DIVISION 2 Helen Cannella (Leura)


A GRADE Andrew Macklinshaw

B GRADE Matt Boyce

C GRADE Brad Lynch

NTP 2nd Farquhar Boyd

5th Dave Williams

7th Terry Tunkunas

9th Jasmine Green

11th Jock Scullion-Stewart

15th Josh Roberts

17th Steve Sheridan


Much work was required and in the end the efforts of those involved produced an ‘Open Tournament’ at L.G.C. of which the Members can be proud.

Before highlighting major winners at the ‘Open’ it was very rewarding indeed to note that in a field in excess of 160 players many of the trophies went to L.G.C. Members. Congratulations to one and all. Whilst it could be argued that there were many first class efforts on the day, we think each of you would agree with us that the highest accolades should be reserved for our Greenstaff, Matt and Paul. A superbly presented course which left all who played on the day commenting in a positive manner. It was also pleasing to note of the many players somewhere in the region of 23 other Clubs were represented including two visitors from the U.K.

It is also important to note the contribution of other Staff Members. In particular we refer to L.G.C. Professional Tim Barlow, aided by Matthew Berrell; Secretary Manager John Neville, Kylie Cross Office Manager, Bar Staff John Hogan and Dianne Mansell and last but by no means least the ‘Open’ Committee itself and others who assisted on the day acting as Rangers and/or Spotters (Bruce Cox, Jeff Hogg and Jock Scullion-Stewart).

Of equal importance were our sponsors, Mr. Jerry Schwartz on behalf of the Fairmont and S.F.C., Drummond Golf and Harvey Norman. It would be remiss of us not to also mention Carolyn Hogg and her donation of ‘hampers’. No doubt the Board will formally communicate with each but we are particularly mindful of their generous support.

On the question of winners – The Fairmont/Leura Open was taken out by a very accomplished 18 year old golfer, Maclayne Marr from Bayview playing off scratch with 70 ‘off the stick’. The net winner on the day was one of our own, Maurice Rasmussen with a very commendable score of ‘nett 60’. Others amongst our ranks did well in nett events including Jeff Hogg, Robin Want, John Cairns, Bruce Cox, Terry Tunkunas and Graham Lohrey. Jock Scullion-Stewart took out the Seniors Scratch Trophy.

As for the Ladies, Magda Cawthorne of WentworthFalls took out the Stableford event with a score of 44. She was followed by Elaine Scullion-Stewart, Margaret Goodrich, Carolyn Hogg, Pamela Morrison and Helen Cannella. ** Full details of all results are recorded in the Pro Shop.

All in all, the hard work and worry paid off in the end. We understand from Dr. Schwartz that the ‘Open’ will be bigger and better next year.

In closing I would like to thank all Members of the Committee and in no particular order, Carolyn Hogg, Captain Bob Higgins, Vice President Peter Jackson-Calway, Club Professional Tim Barlow and Secretary Manager, Mr. John Neville.

Elaine Scullion-Stewart,
On behalf of Fairmont/Leura Open Committee.