Rules and Scorecard

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Local Rules of Leura Golf Club

Prior to Tee Off
All Players and Markers are responsible to check the conditions of play displayed at the first tee before teeing off.

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Preferred Lies
If the Conditions of Play stipulate: “preferred lies fairways only” and a player’s ball lies in a part of the general area cut to fairway height or less the player may take free relief once by marking the ball and placing the ball in the general area within 30cms of the mark not closer to the hole.

If the Conditions of Play stipulate: “preferred lies through the general area” and a player’s ball lies anywhere in the general area the player may take free relief once by marking the ball and placing the ball in the general area within 30cms of the mark not closer to the hole.

Out of Bounds
Beyond, at ground level, (i) the inside points of any line of white stakes with black tops, or (ii) the inside line of any wall or fence defining the boundary of the course.

Ground Under Repair
Includes areas encircled by white paint lines or white stakes.

Embedded Balls
Relief under Rule 16.3b, subject to the exceptions noted in Rule 16.3a, is available only in the General Area of the course.

Abnormal Course Conditions
Abnormal Course Conditions are any Animal Hole, Ground Under Repair, Immovable Obstruction, Temporary Water, clearly defined wheel ruts in the General Area made by course maintenance machinery, deep furrows in bunkers caused by movement of water, areas of bare earth on fairways not including divots

No Play Zones
Garden beds and ornamental trees marked by blue pegs, trees and shrubs less than 2 club-lengths in height and all Waratah Bushes (marked or not) are no play zones. If any No Play Zone interferes with a player’s stance, swing or stroke the ball MUST be lifted and dropped without penalty within ONE club length of the nearest point not closer to the hole, which completely avoids such interference (Rule 16.1b).

If a player’s ball moves when removing a loose stone in the General Area of the course it must be replaced. If an immovable stone interferes with a player’s stroke or backswing, the ball may be lifted and placed at the nearest point clear of such interference, not nearer the hole no penalty shall be incurred in either case.


Slow Play
Please follow all Pace of Play guidelines – A group having one hole open ahead of them must stand aside and call the following group through. Rule 5.6b.

Courtesy to Others
Please repair pitch marks, replace divots or use sand, and rake bunkers.

Standards of Player Conduct
It should be noted that under Rule 1.2a all players are expected to play in the spirit of the game and that in the case of serious misconduct a player may be disqualified.

Players Responsibility

Starting Point
Unless otherwise directed by the starter, the starting point for all competitions/rounds of golf shall be the 1st Tee.

Motorised Golf Vehicles
You must be over 18 years and have a valid driving license to operate a golf cart. Obey the instructions for cart use displayed on the windscreens of the Club’s carts and as well obey course signage. Please keep all vehicles off greens and teeboxes. Please stay out of G.U.R. and closed areas.

Tee Markers
Red markers for Women, White markers for Men (including all social rounds), Blue markers, when out, are for Men’s competitions only.

No Siren will be announced indicating lightning or storms. All players play at their own risk.